On your 1st birthday

My dearest Sabria,

It was end of January and the nights were still very long. Seven in the morning but still dark outside, when an excited me remembered that I had to tell Craig, what your daddy was going to name you, once you are born.

It was not the first time that we were discussing you; and since Craig had got to know about my excitement around you, he started to get inquisitive too. That morning and the uncountable mornings that followed, we spent considerable amount of time, discussing you-  from when you might be born to how you would be like. You helped us come closer, even from the womb.

“The two toothed smile”

February 21st, when you were born, I remember both me and Craig busy guessing if you were here yet or you were still to come! I remember the first time I held you in my arms wearing the white ballerinas I had crocheted for you. I told Craig that day, how weak, fragile and unhappy, I felt you were; how I wished He takes all my happiness and makes you happy!

When you visited me on my birthday in September, I remember how contented I was to see you now all happy, healthy, strong and smiling. I remember every smile of yours. I had written to Craig with your picture that day… He said that it was my unconditional love for you that is making you happy and as long as I continue to impart it, you will be happy. He says that you will grow up to be a very beautiful and intelligent baby, playing the bagpipe with grace!

I wanted Craig to see you Sabria, I wanted him to hold you just like I did; I wanted to see you doing all those things I used to explain to him! He never will my dear, not anymore. I am sorry if he has forgotten your birthday too. However, I am still standing here for you. I might miss out all your little mischiefs, your little hideouts or your angry-guilty faces, that you’ll make over the years of growing up, but I will always be with you…if not in body, but in soul.

Happy 1st Birthday my wee one!


Tia Alba


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