Alba goes to America: The Paperclip

Every evening, somewhere between nine and ten, a key enters the front lock and turns gently, a heavy oak door opens and the lights are switched on. She gets off her shoes and places them neatly on the shoe rack, puts her slippers on. Taking a couple of steps into her bedroom, keeps her office purse on the table, turns and goes into the kitchen. Makes herself a cup of honey-ginger tea and sits by the huge bay windows overlooking the sea. In the summer she gets to see the houses on the other side aglow with the setting sun; in the winter, just the darkness.

Days pass by, the routine stays unchanged. Through the door-lights on-the tea-staring at the sea. The silence around Alba never punctuated by any other voice. “Why is this so difficult?”, she thinks everyday with the warm mug in her hands.

It was supposed to be difficult Alba. You knew it on Christmas eve, didn’t you? Didn’t you know that night, that the days, months and years ahead are going to be hell of a lot difficult? Didn’t you know the day you realised you were in love? This, that you feel everyday is what you knew you will. You didn’t stay away. You owned it. Now that you have to cross several thousands of miles to do what is ought to be done, there is no time for procrastination. Own it, like you always have; said her inner voice.
Each morning when she reaches office, she does look at the paperclip she had gifted an Italian colleague, who shares her office. The paperclip sits magnificently on a birthday card. But little does she realise what the elephant on the head of the clip symbolises.

Difficulties are paperclips; We can bunch all that hasn’t been good and seal it by the corner, with a paperclip of difficult times. And the elephant? It, my dear Alba, is the strength to face life and do what’s right, crushing the paperclips under your very feet.

Go ahead, make the journey. May the strength of the elephant and the integrity of the clip, be with you…


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